Vol 57, No 6 (2008)

Special Issue

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Sixtieth Anniversary of The University of the West Indies PDF
EN Barton 523

Original Articles

Extending the Art of Medicine PDF
G AO Alleyne 525
The Evolution of Undergraduate Medical Training at The University of the West Indies 1948-2008 PDF
JM Branday, RA Carpenter 530
The Faculties and School of Medical Sciences of The University of the West Indies at its Diamond Jubilee PDF
HS Fraser 537
Health Human Resource Planning in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean States a Matter of Sustainability(Planificación de los Recursos Humanos en Salud en Barbados y los Estados del Caribe Oriental un Problema de Sostenibilidad) Abstract PDF
BJ Campbell, N Kissoon, N Syed, HS Fraser 542
Can Research Accelerate Progress Toward Millennium Development Goal 5 (Maternal Health) in Jamaica? Abstract PDF
A McCaw-Binns 549
Integrating Research into Policy and Programmes (Integrando la Investigación con las Políticas y los Programas) Abstract PDF
DE Ashley, A McCaw-Binns 555
A Comprehensive Response to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Jamaica :A Review of the Past 20 Years ( Una Respuesta Integral a la Epidemia de VIH/SID A en Jamaica A Review of the Past 20 Years) Abstract PDF
JP Figueroa, J Duncan, L Byfield, K Harvey, Y Gebre, T Hylton-Kong, F Hamer, E Williams, D Carrington, AR Brathwaite 562
Ageing: The Response Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Abstract PDF
D Eldemire-Shearer 577
The Elderly in Trinidad: Health, Social and Economic Status and Issues of Loneliness Abstract PDF
JM Rawlins, DT Simeon, DD Ramdath, DD Chadee 589
Medical Sociology: Modelling Well-being for Elderly People in Jamaica Abstract PDF
PA Bourne 596
Diseases and Medical Disabilities of Enslaved Barbadians From the Seventeenth Century to around 1838 "Part I" Abstract PDF
JS Handler 605
The Anatomy and Physiology of the Medical Class of 1982a (Anatomía y Fisiología de la Clase Médica de 1982a) Abstract PDF
K Vaughan, M Samms-Vaughan 621
A Neuropathic Syndrome of Uncertain origin Review of 100 cases PDF
EK Cruickshank 627
Doctor of Medicine Training – Reflections on the UWI (Mona) Experience "La Formación Postgraduada del Doctor en Medicina: Reflexiones en Torno a la Experiencia de UWI (Mona)" Abstract PDF
D Eldemire-Shearer, S Roberts 634
Comprehensive Longitudinal Studies of Child Health, Development and Behaviour in Jamaica: Findings and Policy Impact Abstract PDF
M Samms-Vaughan 639
Index PDF
D Scott 646

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