Vol 57, No 2 (2008)

Table of Contents


Suicide: A Preventable Public Health Problem PDF
. WD Abel, JS Martin 79

Original Articles

Age-Specific Incidence of Cancer in Kingston and St Andrew, Jamaica, 1998 – 2002 PDF
. TN Gibson, G Blake, B Hanchard, N Waugh, D McNaughton 81
Clinicopathologic Features of Breast Disease in Jamaica: Findings of The Jamaican Breast Disease Study, 2000–2002 PDF
. SE Shirley, DIG Mitchell, DP Soares, M James, CT Escoffery, AM Rhoden 90
Trends in the Prevalence of Adolescent Births in Antigua and Barbuda over 35 Years PDF
. TC Martin, B Doyle, J Raphael 95
Urinary Tract Infection in Neonates with Serious Bacterial Infections Admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies PDF
. M Barton, Y Bell, M Thame, A Nicholson, H Trotman 101
Activity of Amikacin, Ertapenem, Ciprofloxacin and Levofloxacin alone and in Combination against Resistant Nosocomial Pathogens by Time-Kill PDF
. M Hosgor-Limoncu, S Ermertcan, H Tasli, AN Yurtman 106
Utilization Pattern and Cost of Sedation, Analgesia and Neuromuscular Blockade in a Multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit PDF
. S Hariharan, G Pillai, D Chen, S Soogrim, J Nelson, R Tsoi-a-Fatt, K Mohan, V Boodhai 112
Systemic Sclerosis in an Afro-Caribbean Population: A Review of Demographic and Clinical Features PDF
. C Flower, C Nwankwo 118
Mortality Trends and Potential Years of Life Lost in the English and Dutchspeaking Caribbean, 1985–2000 PDF
. MA Ivey, G Legall, EV Boisson, A Hinds 122
Acetaminophen Overdose in Jamaica PDF
. MO Mills, MG Lee 132
Evaluation of the Validity of the Quality of Well-being Scale in Trinidad and Tobago PDF
. RD Hector, JP Anderson, RCP Paul, N Ponce, RD Hays, RE Weiss, RM Kaplan 135
The Impact of Gender, Family and Type of School on Smoking in Adolescents in Eyup, Istanbul, Turkey PDF
. F Talay, S Altin 141
White Blood Cell Counts in Healthy Jamaican Adults PDF
. NE Urquhart, KD Capildeo, LA Sargeant, G Wharfe, M Hisada, B Hanchard 147
Market Survey of Loiasis: Prevalence and Adverse Reactions to Ivermectin Using a Rapid Procedure For Loiasis PDF
. CA Ibidapo, B Akinsanya, GO Adeoye, AO Otubanjo, P Okeke 152
Diagnosis of Behçet’s Disease in a Non-endemic Region: The Utility of the Urate Skin Test PDF
. C Flower 157
The Evolution of Emergency Medicine in Jamaica PDF
. EW Williams, J Williams-Johnson, AH McDonald, S French, 161

Dental Forum

Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography and Histological Evaluation in the Validation of a New Technique for Closure of Oro-antral Communication: An Experimental Study in Pigs PDF
. CO Ogunsalu, M Rohrer, Hari Persad, A Archibald, J Watkins, H Daisley 166

Case Reports

Subclinical Hyperthyroidism Presenting with Bradycardia-associated Syncope PDF
. AT Alper, H Hasdemir, AAkyol, N Cakmak 173
Delayed Development of a Biloma in an Infant Following Hepatic Injury PDF
. TI Anatol, P Maharaj, S Gardner, J Leach 175
A Case of Pathological Rib Fractures: Focal Osteolysis or Osteoporosis? PDF
. TSL Vrbanic, S Novak, B Sestan, A Tudor, G Gulan 178

Letters to the Editor

Changes in the Divorce and Birth Rates Correlate with the Suicide Rate in Japan PDF
. K Inoue, H Tanii, T Fukunaga, M Nata, H Kaiya 182
The Correlation between Unemployment and Suicide Rates in Gifu Prefecture, Japan PDF
. K Inoue, H Tanii, Y Okazaki, H Kaiya 183
Present and Future Subjects of Suicide-related Reports in Japan PDF
. Y Fujita, K Inoue, H Tanii 184