Vol 61, No 4 (2012)

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July 2012, Vol 61, No. 4 PDF
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From the Chancellor PDF
• Sir George Alleyne


Golden Jubilee: Independence of Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and The University of the West Indies as a Degree Granting Institution PDF
• Professor and Editor-in-Chief, EN Barton


Vice Chancellor’s Message PDF
• Professor E Nigel Harris
Principal’s Message PDF
• Professor, the Honourable Gordon Shirley
Chairman’s Message PDF
• Professor, Dean and Chairman, Samuel S Ramsewak

Original Articles

Building Human Capacity through Early Childhood Intervention: The Child Development Research Programme at the Tropical Medicine Research Institute, The University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica Abstract PDF
• SP Walker, SM Chang, CA Powell, H Baker-Henningham
The Jamaican Fetus – Overview of Various Studies Abstract PDF
• M Thame
Jamaica, the Caribbean and Sickle Cell Disease Abstract PDF
• GR Serjeant
Food and Nutrition Research in the Caribbean Abstract PDF
• FJ Henry
Clinical Research Informing Neonatal Care at the University Hospital of the West Indies: 50 Years Experience Abstract PDF
• H Trotman
Review of Mortality of Very Low Birthweight Infants at the University Hospital of the West Indies over the Past Four Decades Abstract PDF
• H Trotman
The Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease Control Programme – Jamaica Abstract PDF
• D Millard-Bullock
The Provision of Surgical Care for Children with Cardiac Disease: The Jamaican Experience – An 18-year Review Abstract PDF
• C Scott, C Antoine, M Scarlett, R Irvine
Children’s Exposure to Violence in Jamaica: Over a Decade of Research and Interventions Abstract PDF
• AM Pottinger
National Health Surveys and Health Policy: Impact of the Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Surveys and the Reproductive Health Surveys Abstract PDF
• TS Ferguson, MK Tulloch-Reid, G Gordon-Strachan, P Hamilton, RJ Wilks
From Ageing Research to Policy and Practice Abstract PDF
• D Eldemire-Shearer
The Critical Role of Locally Conducted Research in Guiding the Response to the HIV Epidemic in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• JP Figueroa
Eliminating Vertically-transmitted HIV/AIDS while Improving Access to Treatment and Care for Women, Children and Adolescents in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• CDC Christie, RB Pierre
Human T-cell Leukaemia/Lymphoma Virus Type-1 Associated Myeloneuropathies – A Caribbean Perspective Abstract PDF
• DT Gilbert
Paediatric Nephrology at the University Hospital of the West Indies ― A Walk through Time Abstract PDF
• M Miller
Renal Disease in the Caribbean: The Disease of the Past, Present and Future Abstract PDF
• AK Soyibo, L Roberts, LL Douglas, EN Barton
Survival Outcomes in Renal Transplantation in Trinidad and Tobago ― SORTTT Study Abstract PDF
• L Roberts, K Ramsaroop, T Seemungal
Cardiovascular Risk Factors in an Eastern Caribbean Island: Prevalence of Non-communicable Chronic Diseases and Associated Lifestyle Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Morbidity and Mortality in the British Virgin Islands Abstract PDF
• J James, AK Soyibo, L Hurlock, G Gordon-Strachan, EN Barton
Decolonization of Psychiatric Public Policy in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• FW Hickling, RC Gibson
Caribbean Contributions to Contemporary Psychiatric Psychopathology Abstract PDF
• FW Hickling, G Hutchinson
Health Impact of Research in Emergency Medicine – Moving Forward in the Field Abstract PDF
• J Williams-Johnson, EW Williams, S Dasgupta, S French,, , R Hutson, N Hart, I Sammy, AH McDonald
The Changing Face of Death in Trinidad and Tobago, before and after Independence Abstract PDF
• K Mungrue
Evolution of In Vitro Fertilization at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica Abstract PDF
• AM Pottinger, D Everett-Keane, C McKenzie
The Development of Postgraduate Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Training at the University of the West Indies Abstract PDF
• MD Scarlett, A Crawford-Sykes, HE Harding, DR Chen
The History of Laparoscopic General Surgery in the Caribbean Abstract PDF
• D Dan, V Naraynsingh, S Cawich, R Jonnalagadda

Short Commentary

Rotavirus Vaccine Trial in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• CDC Christie, ND Duncan

Letters to the Editor

Independence and Interdependence: Opportunities for Growth, Research and Societal Change PDF
• RG Maharaj, M Nunez-Smith, RK King, OP Adams, PN Nunes, R Brathwaite, T Thompson