Vol 61, No 3 (2012)

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June 2012, Vol 61, No.3 PDF
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Twenty-four Hour Trauma Team at the University Hospital of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica – The Time is Now PDF
• N Hart, S Dasgupta, EW Williams, J Williams-Johnson

Original Articles

The Effect of Serum Magnesium Levels and Serum Endothelin-1 Levels on Bone Mineral Density in Protein Energy Malnutrition Abstract PDF
• CF Ozturk, C Karakelleoglu, Z Orbak, L Yildiz
Family History of Diabetes and Parental Consanguinity: Important Risk for Impaired Fasting Glucose in South East Asians Abstract PDF
• A Shahid, S Saeed, S Rana, S Mahmood
The Role of Pre-induction Ketamine in the Management of Postoperative Pain in Patients Undergoing Elective Gynaecological Surgery at the University Hospital of the West Indies Abstract PDF
• M Thomas, I Tennant, R Augier, G Gordon-Strachan, H Harding
Correlation of Cataract with Serum Lipids, Glucose and Antioxidant Activities: A Case-control Study Abstract PDF
• B Heydari, T Kazemi, A Zarban, S Ghahramani
Expression of Low Molecular Weight Proteins in Patients with Leukaemia Abstract PDF
• N Sheikh, R Abid, AW Qureshi, T Basheer
Comparison of Urine Analysis Using Manual and Sedimentation Methods Abstract PDF
• R Kurup, M Leich
Management of Breast Abscesses in Jamaican Women Is There Need for a Paradigm Shift? Abstract PDF
• MS Newnham, H Brown, AC Martin, JM Plummer, DIG Mitchell, SO Cawich
Establishing the Jamaica Lupus Registry: Report of Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Attending a Major Referral Hospital in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• AK Soyibo, K DeCuelaer, RK Miller, R Smith, K Maloney, EN Barton
The Establishment of an Intracranial Tumour Registry at the University Hospital of the West Indies Abstract PDF
• J Campbell, JR Jaggon, P Johnson, C Bruce, D Eldemire-Shearer
The Impact of the Healthcare System in Barbados (Provision of Health Insurance and the Benefit Service Scheme) on the Use of Herbal Remedies by Christian Churchgoers Abstract PDF
• DH Cohall, T Scantlebury-Manning, C Cadogan-McLean, A Lallement, S Willis-O’Connor
From Cannabis to the Endocannabinoid System: Refocussing Attention on Potential Clinical Benefits Abstract PDF
• FF Youssef, AJ Irving
Preference of Patient Information Leaflets over Standard Drug Monographs by Patients Prescribed Hydrochlorothiazide, Nifedipine and Enalapril Abstract PDF
• M Gossell-Williams, O Bennett, Y Dias, K Foster, M Houston, K Wright, Z Fairclough
The Origin and Future of Offshore Medical Schools in the Caribbean Abstract PDF
• SR Maharaj, TJ Paul

Nephrology Forum

Living Donor Kidney Transplantation: The Donor Profile in Trinidad and Tobago Abstract PDF
• A Ali, L Roberts, F Ahmed
Nutritional Markers in Patients undergoing Chronic Haemodialysis in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• D Dewar, AK Soyibo, EN Barton


Report and Viewpoint on the Vaccine Safety Conference, Tryall Club, Jamaica, January 3–7, 2011: Cautionary Tales and Implications for the Caribbean Abstract PDF
• S Lowe

Case Reports

Prosthetic Reconstruction after Surgical Resection of Fibrous Dysplasia of the Maxillary and Palatine Bone Abstract PDF
• A Cherkaoui, O Nawar, I Fouad, B Najib, N El Alami
A Patient Experiencing Pseudoseizures: A Case Report Abstract PDF
• F Joseph, J Quinlan
Sjögren’s Syndrome: A Case Report and Review of the Literature Abstract PDF
• M Öğütcen-Toller, R Gedik, S Gedik, F Göze