Vol 60, No 4 (2011)

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July 2011: Vol 60: No.4: PDF
. Content page: Vol 60: No.4: 377-501


Sixtieth Anniversary – West Indian Medical Journal Abstract PDF
. EN Barton 377
The West Indian Medical Journal and the Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs) The Next 60 years Abstract PDF
. GAO Alleyne, TA Samuels 379

Original Articles

The Road to the United Nations High Level Meeting on Chronic Non-communicable Diseases Abstract PDF
. T Hassell, A Hennis 384
From Port-of-Spain Summit to United Nations High Level Meeting CARICOM and the Global Non-communicable Disease Agenda Abstract PDF
. TA Samuels, CJ Hospedales 387
Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases and the Economy Abstract PDF
. K Theodore 392
Chronic Disease in the Caribbean: Strategies to Respond to the Public Health Challenge in the Region What Can We Learn from Jamaica’s Experience? Abstract PDF
. TS Ferguson, MK Tulloch-Reid, CA Cunningham-Myrie, T Davidson-Sadler, S Copeland, , E Lewis-Fuller, RJ Wilks 397
Taming the Burgeoning Stroke Epidemic in Africa: Stroke Quadrangle to the Rescue Abstract PDF
. MO Owolabi 412
An Update on the Burden of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Jamaica Findings from the Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey 2007–2008 Abstract PDF
. TS Ferguson, DK Francis, MK Tulloch-Reid, NOM Younger, SR McFarlane, RJ Wilks 422
Prehypertension in Jamaica: A Review of Data from Recent Studies Abstract PDF
. TS Ferguson, MK Tulloch-Reid, NO Younger, SR McFarlane, DK Francis, RJ Wilks 429
The Socio-economic Determinants of Obesity in Adults in the Bahamas Abstract PDF
. N Brathwaite, A Brathwaite, M Taylor 434
Childhood Obesity in the Caribbean Abstract PDF
. L Schwiebbe, J van Rest, E Verhagen, RWM Visser, , J Kist-van Holthe, RA Hirasing 442
Obesity Prevention: The Key to Non-communicable Disease Control Abstract PDF
. FJ Henry 446
Chronic Non-communicable Disease Risk Factor Survey 2010 among University of the West Indies Staff at Cave Hill, Barbados Abstract PDF
. E Morris, N Unwin, E Ali, L Brathwaite-Graham, TA Samuels 452
Glaucoma in the English-speaking Caribbean Abstract PDF
. D Grosvenor, A Hennis 459
Chronic Kidney Disease in the Caribbean Abstract PDF
. AK Soyibo, L Roberts, EN Barton 464
Chronic Disease and Ageing in the Caribbean: Opportunities Knock at the Door Abstract PDF
. D Eldemire-Shearer, K James, C Morris, D Holder-Nevins, H Lawes, M Harris 471
Is Criminal Violence a Non-communicable Disease? Exploring the Epidemiology of Violence in Jamaica Abstract PDF
. HA McDavid, N Cowell, A McDonald 478
Integrating Mental Health into Primary Care An Integrative Collaborative Primary Care Model – The Jamaican Experience Abstract PDF
. WD Abel, M Richards-Henry, EG Wright, D Eldemire-Shearer 483
Tobacco and Non-communicable Diseases Controlling the Tobacco Epidemic PDF
. KEW Hagley 490
Healthcare for the Poor and Dispossessed From Alma-Ata to the Millennium Development Goals Abstract PDF
. SR Maharaj 493


Vice Chancellor’s Message PDF
. Professor E Nigel Harris 382
Principal’s Message PDF
. Professor Gordon Shirley 383


Ethical Issues in Healthcare Financing Abstract PDF
. SR Maharaj, TJ Paul 498