Vol 60, No 2 (2011)

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Content Page for the March 2011: Vol 60, No.2: 106-248 PDF
Vol 60, No.2: West Indian Medical Journal


Colorectal Cancer PDF
DO Whittle, AK Soyibo 106

Original Articles

The Effect of Combining Interferon-a and Gefitinib in Human Colon Cancer Cell Lines Abstract PDF
. Li Yang, Fang Wang, Fang He, LiYa HUANG 107
Dengue Virus Serotypes in Jamaica, 2003−2007 Abstract PDF
. MG Brown, RA Salas, IE Vickers, OD Heslop, MF Smikle 114
Molecular Epidemiology of Dengue in Jamaica Dengue Virus Genotypes in Jamaica, 2007 Abstract PDF
. MG Brown, RA Salas, IE Vickers, OD Heslop, MF Smikle 120
Dengue HLA Associations in Jamaicans Abstract PDF
. MG Brown, RA Salas, IE Vickers, OD Heslop, MF Smikle 126
Effect of a Cholesterol Rich Diet, Recurrent Infection and Possible Treatment Modalities on the Pulmonary Vascular System: An Experimental Study Abstract PDF
. O Ozbudak, IH Ozbudak, C Turkay, N Sahin, S Ozdem, M Turkay, G Ozbilim 132
Poverty, Folate Deficiency, Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Ulcerated Vulval Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Jamaica Abstract PDF
. H Fletcher, P Figueroa, A Brathwaite, T Hylton-Kong 137
The Predictive Value of Urinary Vanillylmandelic Acid Testing in the Diagnosis of Phaeochromocytoma at The University Hospital of the West Indies Abstract PDF
. SN Chin, MS Boyne, D McGrowder, TN Gibson, CA McKenzie 141
Impact of Yoga on Haemodynamic Function in Healthy Medical Students Abstract PDF
. O Parshad, A Richards, M Asnani 148
The Outcome of Febrile Neutropenic Episodes in Paediatric Oncology at the Wendy Fitzwilliam Paediatric Hospital Abstract PDF
. M Timothy, C Bodkyn 153
Are Parents in Tune with Music Their Adolescent Children Enjoy? Are There Missed Opportunities for Sexual and Reproductive Health Dialogue? Abstract PDF
. D Holder-Nevins, K James, A Bailey, D Eldemire-Shearer 158
The Jamaican Adolescent’s Perspective on Violence and its Effects Abstract PDF
. A Bailey 165
Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis in a Nigerian Teaching Hospital Abstract PDF
. SO Ajike, OO Omisakin 172
Compliance with Intramuscular Penicillin Prophylaxis in Children with Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica Abstract PDF
. L King, S Ali, J Knight-Madden, M MooSang, M Reid 177
Subjective Well-being of Adults with Homozygous Sickle Cell Disease in Jamaica Abstract PDF
. JA Thomas, GE Lipps 181
Updates on Current Advances in Gene Therapy Abstract PDF
. Jowy Tani, Faustine, Jomiany Tani Sufian 188
Factors Related to Obstetric Third and Fourth Degree Perineal Lacerations in a Jamaican Cohort Abstract PDF
. T Lewis, V DaCosta, J Harriott, S Wynter, L Christie, S Cawich 195
Preparation for a Medical Mission to Jamaica – Pharmacy’s Perspective Abstract PDF
. N Borja-Hart, SM Douglas, J Marino, A Garcia, P Anderson-Worts 199
Epidemic Management: A Caribbean University’s Response to the 2009 H1N1 Outbreak Abstract PDF
. B Anglin-Brown, J Mullings, K James 203
The Need for Gender Specific Tobacco Control Strategies KAP Survey Findings on Environmental Tobacco Smoke Exposure among Women in the Reproductive Age Group Abstract PDF
. E Brown, S Maharaj, K James 208

Case Reports

Acute Limb Ischaemia in a Septic Patient with Diabetic Ketoacidosis Abstract PDF
. R Alfred, R Wright-Pascoe 214
Acute Fulminant Myocarditis and the 2009 Pandemic Influenza A Virus (H1N1) Abstract PDF
. O Adedayo, N Iheonunekwu, D Jefferson 217
Challenges of Airway Management in a Patient with Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis Complicating Forceps Delivery: A Case Report Abstract PDF
. SO Ajike, OO Omisakin, RI Mohammed, ET Adebayo 220
Abdominal Pain: a Symptom of Levodopa End of Dose Wearing off in Parkinson’s Disease Abstract PDF
. AQ Rana, J Depradine 223
Successful Treatment for a Case of Near-Fatal Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency Abstract PDF
. Y Yanagawa, S Nishida, Y Takihata, H Miyawaki 225
A Rare Case of Emphysematous Pyelonephritis within a Horseshoe Kidney Abstract PDF
. JA Brown, P Maharaj, O Khan, A Sinanan 229
A 10-Year Unsuspected Lumbar Schwannoma: A Case Report Abstract PDF
. VM Santos, PVA Tubino, SC Santos, DBS Medeiros, EAM Damasceno 232

Dental Forum

Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Pathogens Isolated from Patients with Juvenile Periodontitis in Jamaica: A Prospective Multi-centre Study of 15 Cases over a 15-year Period Abstract PDF
. C Ogunsalu, H Daisley, PE Akpaka 235
Ameloblastoma in Jamaica – Predominantly Unicystic: Analysis of 47 Patients over a 16-Year Period and A Case Report on Re-entry Cryosurgery as a New Modality ofTreatment for the Prevention of Recurrence Abstract PDF
. C Ogunsalu, W West, A Lewis, N Williams 240

Letters to the Editor

Proposal for Suicide Prevention in the United States Based on the Suicide Rates by Age Group in Recent Years PDF
. K Inoue, T Fukunaga, Y Okazaki, Y Ono 247
An Examination of Further Measures to Deal with Anxiety Disorders in the Elderly: A review of the Literature indicate the Importance of such Measures in Japan PDF
. K Inoue, T Fukunaga, Y Fujita, Y Okazaki 248