Vol 52, No 4 (2003)

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December 2003: WIMJ: Vol 52, No.4 PDF
December 2003 WIMJ: Vol 52, No.4


Palliative Care: End of Life Care Abstract PDF
D Spence 265

Original Articles

Brainstem Origin of Duodenal Vagal Preganglionic Parasympathetic Neurons A WGA-HRP Study in the Ferret (Mustela Putorius Furo), a Human Model Abstract PDF
A Odekunle, TI Chinnah 267
Gynaecologic Cancer Incidence, Kingston and St Andrew, Jamaica, 1973-1997, and Gynaecologic Cancer Mortality, Jamaica, 1999 Abstract PDF
G Blake,, B Hanchard, T Gibson, C Wolff, E Samuels, N Waugh, D Simpson 273
Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy in Trinidad and Tobago Abstract PDF
MM Bartholomew, SL Mohammed, DH Williams 278
Prune Belly Syndrome and Associated Malformations : A 13-year Experience from a Developing Country Abstract PDF
HM Salihu, G Tchuinguem, MH Aliyu, L Kouam 281
Odontogenic Tumours from Two Centres in Jamaica: A 15-year review Abstract PDF
CO Ogunsalu 285
Antibacterial Effects of Carica papaya Fruit on Common Wound Organisms Abstract PDF
G Dawkins, H Hewitt, Y Wint, PCM Obiefuna, B Wint 290
Who is at High Risk? A Comparison of the Seroprevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus in Pregnant Women and a High Risk Group Abstract PDF
C Rattray, J Frederick, C Thesiger, HH Wynter, J Lindo, A McGilchrist, SD King, SH Wynter 293
Subxiphoid Pericardial Window in Stable Cardiac Proximity Injuries Abstract PDF
C Valentine, J East 296
Gender and Ethnicity in First Admissions to a Psychiatric Unit in Trinidad Abstract PDF
G Hutchinson, C Ramcharan, K Ghany 300
Motivation for and Concerns about Entering a Medical Programme Abstract PDF
A Ricketts-Wierenga, DT Simeon, A Pottinger, B Brathwaite, JM Branday 304
End of Life Care: Perspectives from Families and Caregivers Abstract PDF
S Kreitzschitz, C Cox-Macpherson 311


Routine Prophylactic Antibiotics for Arthroplasty Patients Receiving Dental Care Is it necessary? Abstract PDF
REC Rose 317

Continuing Medical Education

Image and Diagnosis Abstract PDF
B Ermis 321

Case Reports

Multiple Clinical Manifestation of HTLV1 Infection in a Single Patient Abstract PDF
D Narayan, D DaSilva, M Doshi 323

Letters to the Editor

Antimicrobial Screening of Nicotiana tobacum on Organ-isms Isolated from Patients with Respiratory Tract Infection PDF
IA Adeleye 326
Training Clinical Psychologists at The University of the West Indies PDF
FW Hickling 327


Index to Volume 52: 2003 PDF
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