Vol 59, No 4 (2010)

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Table of Content for July 2010, Vol 59, No.4: 345-454 PDF
Vol 59, No.4: West Indian Medical Journal


HIV/AIDS: Various Issues Explored PDF
. EN Barton 345

Original Articles

Male Circumcision and the Caribbean HIV Epidemic PDF
. ND Duncan 348
Attitudes towards Male Circumcision among Attendees at a Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic in Kingston, Jamaica Abstract PDF
. JP Figueroa, C Jones-Cooper 351
HIV/AIDS: Perceptions of the Grenadian Faith-based Community Abstract PDF
. A Gomez, C Alexis-Thomas 356
Factors Associated with Pregnancies among HIV-positive Women in a Prevention of Mother-to-child Transmission Programme Abstract PDF
. YM Bah`him, OO Oguntibeju, HA Lewis, K Mokoena 362
Depression among Persons Attending a HIV/AIDS Outpatient Clinic in Kingston, Jamaica Abstract PDF
. TR Clarke, RC Gibson, G Barrow, WD Abel, EN Barton 369
Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory II in HIV-positive Patients Abstract PDF
. GE Lipps, GA Lowe, W De La Haye, S Longman-Mills, TR Clarke, EN Barton, B Bain 374
Patterns of Depressive Symptoms Among Patients with HIV-Infection Abstract PDF
. W De La Haye, TR Clarke, G Lipps, GA Lowe, S Longman-Mills, EN Barton, B Bain 380
Antibiotic Resistance among Pathogens Causing Disease in Jamaican Children with HIV/AIDS Abstract PDF
. PR Byam, RB Pierre, CDC Christie, WAAndiman, M Pettigrew, (KPAIDS) 386
An Analysis of Three Opportunistic Infections in an Outpatient HIV Clinic in Jamaica Abstract PDF
. G Barrow, TR Clarke, D Carrington, K Harvey, EN Barton 393
Analysis of Resistance Testing in South Trinidad Abstract PDF
. N Duke, S Aboh, N Bosivert 400
HIV-Related Sexual Risk Behaviours among Late-adolescent Jamaican Girls with Older Male Partners Abstract PDF
. EB Wood 403
Sociodemographics and Clinical Presentation of HIV in Jamaica Over 20 years: A Comparative Analysis of Surveillance Data Abstract PDF
. J Duncan, Y Grant, TR Clarke, KM Harvey, RC Gibson,, . G Barrow, WD Abel, EN Barton, JP Figueroa 409
The Survey of HIV/AIDS Related Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour among Migrant Peasant Workers in Middle City in China Abstract PDF
. J Li, X Hu, D Luo, L Xu, X Chen, X Li, D Jian, M Yi, H Xie 418
HIV Risk Factors among Pregnant Women in a Rural Nigerian Hospital Abstract PDF
. EA Etukumana, TD Thacher, AS Sagay 424
Knowledge and Perception of HIV Prevention Through Condom Use Among Midlife and Older Adults in Calabar, Nigeria Abstract PDF
. EE Philip-Ephraim, ANI Gyuse, NE Udonwa, EJ Peters, CC Anyanechi 429
HIV Seroprevalence among Hospital Inpatients with Neuropsychiatric and other Central Nervous System Disorders Abstract PDF
. RC Gibson, S Jackson, WD Abel, R Wright-Pascoe, TRClarke, DT Gilbert, EN Barton 434
Response to First Line HAART using CD4 Cell Counts: Experience in a University Hospital in Kingston Abstract PDF
. TR Clarke, G Barrow, D Thompson, R Gibson, EN Barton 439
Disclosure of HIV Status among HIV Clinic Attendees in Jamaica Abstract PDF
. TR Clarke, R Gibson, G Barrow, S James, WDAbel, EN Barton 445
Death of a HIV-infected Homosexual from Nitrite Inhalants (Poppers) PDF
. M Stefanidou, I Lefkidou, C Lefkidis, C Spiliopoulou, C Maravelias 450

Letters to the Editor

A Possible Case of Spinal Tuberculosis in a HIV-Positive Male PDF
. TR Clarke, G Barrow, DT Gilbert, EN Barton 453