Vol 59, No 1 (2010)

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Table of Content for January 2010, Vol 59, No.1: 1-117 PDF
Vol 59, No.1: West Indian Medical Journal


Domestic Violence: Its Prevalence and Profile PDF
. CA Sewell, JS Martin, WD Abel 1

Original Articles

Acute Toxicity and Diuretic Studies of the Roots of Asparagus racemosus Willd in Rats Abstract PDF
. MC Satish Kumar, AL Udupa, K Sammodavardhana, UP Rathnakar, Udapa Shvetha, GP Kodanch 3
The Jamaica Injury Surveillance System A Profile of the Intentional and Unintentional Injuries in Jamaican Hospitals Abstract PDF
. E Ward, T McCartney, S Arscott-Mills, N Gordon, A Grant, AH McDonald, DE Ashley 7
Seroprevalence of Toxoplasmosis, Leptospirosis and Brucellosis in Sugarcane Field-workers in Trinidad and Tobago Abstract PDF
. A Adesiyun, S Rahaman, S Bissessar, S Dookeran, A Stewart-Johnson, M Gittens-St Hilair 14
The Prevalence of Domestic Violence within Different Socio-economic Classes in Central Trinidad Abstract PDF
. RP Nagassar, JM Rawlins, NR Sampson, J Zackerali, K Chankadyal, C Ramasir, R Boodram 20
Trauma: The Burden of a Preventable Problem Abstract PDF
. JM Plummer, H Brown, K Jones, D Fearon-Boothe, N Meeks-Aitken, AH McDonald 26
Small Babies on a Small Island: Survival of Very Low Birthweight Infants in Antigua and Barbuda 1986 to 2006 Abstract PDF
. TC Martin, J Howe, B Smart, P Hansen, L Lovell-Roberts, V Francis 29
HTLV-1 Related Knowledge, Attitude and Behaviour Patterns among Mothers who Participated in the Jamaica Breastfeeding Intervention Study (1996–2000) Abstract PDF
. CM Jones Cooper, K James,RJ Wilks 35
What Does the Medical Student know about Eye Donation/Corneal Transplant? The University of Nigeria Scenario Abstract PDF
. O Ike Okoye, FC Maduka-Okafor, BI Eze 41
Students’ Perception of the ‘Educational Climate’ at the Faculty of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica Abstract PDF
. RB Pierre, JM Branday, A Pottinger, A Wierenga 45
Client Characteristics Associated with Failure to Complete Residential Treatment at a Multicultural Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility in Antigua, West Indies Abstract PDF
. TC Martin, JA Josiah-Martin, T Sinnott 50
Pathology and Therapeutic Results in Patients with Intraosseous Ganglia of the Carpal Bone Abstract PDF
. K Takase 55
Supporting Cancer Patients in Jamaica – A Needs Assessment Survey Abstract PDF
. D Spence, R Crath, A Hibbert, K Phillips-Jackson, A Barillas, T Castagnier, H Ghul, 59
Red Cell Transfusion Practices and the Impact of Phlebotomy in an Adult Intensive Care Unit in Trinidad: A Prospective Observational Study Abstract PDF
. N Bedayse, S Hariharan, D Chen 67
Pharmacovigilance: Healthcare Professionals’ Role in Benefits Versus HarmAnalysis of Drugs Use Abstract PDF
. M Gossell-Williams 73


An Intense Influenza Pandemic – Possible Subtype of H5N1 Its Implications for Jamaica Abstract PDF
. D RamjeeSingh, AS Wright, H McDavid 76

Short Commentary

Substance Abuse Treatment – the Special Needs Populations PDF
. JS Martin, CA Sewell, WD Abel 82

Case Reports

Duodenal Fibrosarcoma Mimicking Franz Tumour Complicated by Post-resection Chylous Ascites: A Case Report Abstract PDF
. JM Plummer, KO Bonadie, N Williams, PA Leake, DIG Mitchell 84
Jaundice Post Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Abstract PDF
. P Bhoorasingh, T McCartney, LK Simpson 88
Childhood Bruxism: A Clinical Review and Case Report Abstract PDF
. B Gupta, CM Marya, R Anegundi 92
Keratosis Palmoplantaris Associated with Early-onset Periodontitis: A Case Report Abstract PDF
. M Gunashekhar 96
Cıtalopram Related Euprolactınaemıc Galactorrhoea: A Case Report PDF
. H Belli, MK Vardar, S Yesilyurt, ES Gul, C Ural 100
Skin Eruption and Thrombocytopaenia in a Woman with Glaucoma: A Case Report Abstract PDF
. VM Santos, RA Castro, CC Lima, MB Moraes, TAM Sugai 102
The Usefulness of Latissimus Dorsi Transfer for Reconstruction for Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma in the Infraspinatus Muscle Region: A Case Report Abstract PDF
. K Takase, H Suzuki, H Matsuoka 106
Solitary Metastasis of the Patella in the Differential Diagnosis of Anterior Knee Pain Abstract PDF
. A Tudor, B Sestan, N Jonjic, D Miletic, I Hadzisejdic, T Prpic, I Rakovac 110
A Case of Pulmonary Oedema Induced by Suffocation Abstract PDF
. K Nishi, Y Yanagawa, A Hagiwara 113

Letters to the Editor

A Comparison of Cisplatin and Carboplatin: A short review PDF
. Y Fujita, N Seki, K Inoue, T Miyazawa, K Eguchi 115
The Increase in Suicide as a Cause of Death in Men Aged 40 to 59 years in Japan: A Comparison Between 1958 and 1998 PDF
. K Inoue, H Tanii, A Maeda, T Ishiguri, K Hosokawa, K Hagiwara, T Mori, Y Ono 115
A Short Review Summarizing Literature on Immediate Measures to Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Focusing on Current Conditions in Japan PDF
. Y Fujita, K Inoue 116
Improvement of Total Health Measures in Mie Prefecture, Japan PDF
. K Inoue, H Tanii, Y Konishi, N Hara, T Matsumoto, M Nata 117