Vol 55, No 5 (2006)

Table of Contents


The “Missed” Population of Perinatally HIV-infected Adolescent Slow Progressors in Jamaica PDF
. J Dunkley-Thompson, JP Figueroa, CDC Christie 295


Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery Anaesthetic Implications and The Trinidad Experience PDF
. S Hariharan, D Chen, L Merritt-Charles 298

Original Articles

Blood Pressure and its Correlates in Tobagonian Adolescents PDF
. S Nichols, F Cadogan 305
Endorectal Ultrasonography in Rectal Cancer: A Preliminary Barbadian Experience PDF
. AP Zbar 313
Treatment of Morgagni Hernias by Transabdominal Approach PDF
. K Sönmez, R Karabulut, Z Türkyýlmaz, B Demiroðullari, O Özen, Ç Afsarlar, C Basaklar 319
The Accuracy of Joint Line Tenderness in the Diagnosis of Meniscal Tears PDF
. REC Rose 323
The Prevalence of Seat Belt Use in Kingston, Jamaica: A Follow-up Observational Study Five Years after the Introduction of Legislation PDF
. IW Crandon, HE Harding, JM Branday, DT Simeon, A Rhoden, R Carpenter 327
Knowledge, Motivation and Barriers to Diabetes Control in Adults in Jamaica PDF
. YB Wint, EM Duff, N McFarlane-Anderson, A O’Connor, EY Bailey, RA Wright-Pascoe 330
The Nutritional Vulnerability of Older Guyanese in Residential Homes PDF
. G Hewitt, S Ismail, S Patterson, A Draper 334
Medical Paediatric Admission Patterns at the University Hospital of the West Indies: Issues for Future Planning PDF
. C Eck, RB Pierre, IR Hambleton 340
Prevalence and Risk Factors for HIV Infection in Pregnant Women in North Trinidad PDF
. GA Hutchinson, EM Jameson 346

Short Commentary

Variations in the Branching Pattern of the Aortic Arch in Three Trinidadians PDF
. R Suresh, N Ovchinnikov, A McRae 351

Case Reports

Rapid Idiopathic Osteolysis of the Humeral Head and Clavicle PDF
. B Sestan, D Miletic 354
Peritoneal Tuberculosis with Gastric Cancer: A Case Report PDF
. A Guntani, S Kakizoe, H Kakizoe, Y Kakizoe, T Kakizoe, K Kakizoe, S Kohnoe 358
Euthyroid Graves’ Ophthalmopathy in a Child PDF
. S Peter 360

Letters to the Editor

Paecilomyces lilacinus Fungemia in a Jamaican Neonate PDF
. ST Jackson, MF Smikle, MG Antoine, GD Roberts 361
Prevalence of Prehypertension in Adult Outpatients in PDF
. S Hariharan, D Chen, L Merritt-Charles, A Bisessar, A Cumberbatch, E Garg, R Reeves 362


Obituary PDF
. Barrington Anthony Wint 363