Vol 61, No 5 (2012)

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Content: August 2012, Vol 61: No.5 PDF
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Original Articles

Mental Health Policy and Service System Development in the English-speaking Caribbean Abstract PDF
• WD Abel, D Kestel, D Eldemire-Shearer, C Sewell, P Whitehorne-Smith
A Comparison of the Psychometric Strengths of the Public-domain Zung Self-rating Depression Scale with the Proprietary Beck Depression Inventory-II in Barbados Abstract PDF
• MH Campbell, D Maynard, JW Roberti, MK Emmanuel
Evaluation of the Beck Depression Inventory in a Nonclinical Student Sample Abstract PDF
• D Ignjatović-Ristić, D Hinić, J Jović
Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• WD Abel, Y Bailey-Davidson, RC Gibson, JS Martin, CA Sewell, S James, K Fox
Depression among Cardiovascular Disease Patients on a Consultation-liaison Service at a General Hospital in Jamaica Abstract PDF
• JS Martin, SM Neita, RC Gibson
Bullying, Mental Health, and Parental Involvement among Adolescents in the Caribbean Abstract PDF
• HA Abdirahman, TT Bah, HL Shrestha, KH Jacobsen
The Epidemiology of Suicide in Jamaica 2002–2010: Rates and Patterns Abstract PDF
• WD Abel, K James, R Bridgelal-Nagassar, D Holder-Nevins, H Eldemire, E Thompson, C Sewell
Suicide among Adolescents in Jamaica: What Do We Know? Abstract PDF
• D Holder-Nevins, K James, R Bridgelal-Nagassar, A Bailey, E Thompson, H Eldemire, C Sewell, • WD Abel
Suicide Ideation in Jamaican Youth: Sociodemographic Prevalence, Protective and Risk Factors Abstract PDF
• WD Abel, C Sewell, JS Martin, Y Bailey-Davidson, K Fox
Suicide Attempt by Self-poisoning: Characteristics of Suicide Attempters Seen at the Emergency Room at the University Hospital of the West Indies Abstract PDF
• J Williams-Johnson, E Williams, M Gossell-Williams, CA Sewell, PA Whitehorne-Smith, • WD Abel
The Relationship between Suicide and Five Climate Issues in a Large-scale and Long Term Study in Japan Abstract PDF
• K Inoue, Y Nishimura, Y Fujita, Y Ono, T Fukunaga
The Association between Schizophrenia and Violent or Homicidal Behaviour: The Prevention and Treatment of Violent Behaviour in These Patients Abstract PDF
• H Belli, C Ural
Assesment of Psychiatric Symptoms and Co-morbidities in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Abstract PDF
• Y Sertbas, H Belli, N Piskinpasa, C Ural, M Akbudak, M Sertbas, F Oncu
Oral Health Status among Psychiatric Patients in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Abstract PDF
• A Al-Mobeeriek

Letters to the Editor

An Issue to Keep in Mind Regarding Specific Suicide Prevention Measures Focussing on Bipolar Disorder PDF
• K Inoue, Y Okazaki, H Kaiya, Y Fujita
The Continued Importance of Suicide Prevention among the Elderly in Japan PDF
• K Inoue, T Fukunaga, Y Fujita, Y Okazaki