Vol 3, No 1 (2011)

New Issue

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Editorial Remark

Editorial Comment PDF
John Ayotunde (Tunde) Isola BEWAJI


A Yoruba Philosophy of Law: A Critical Appraisal PDF
Adeyemi Johnson Ademowo, Adedapo Adekunle
The Explanatory Gap Argument and Phenomenal States: A Defense of Physicalism Abstract PDF
Gbenga Fasiku
On the Semantics and Ontology of Race: Constructivism against Realism Abstract PDF
Clevis R. Headley
Discourse on colonial epistemicide and contemporary attempts to re-affirm indigenous knowledge systems, with particular reference to South Africa PDF
Teboho J. Lebakeng
Disenfranchisement-counterculture dialectic in the South African story of water access and its impact: A critical reflection Abstract PDF
Rabson Wuriga

Book Review

Some perspectives on meaning in life: a partial review of Susan Wolf et al., Meaning in Life and Why it Matters, and Paul Thagard, The Brain and the Meaning of Life. PDF
Ed Brandon

Editorial Team

Editorial Team PDF
John Ayotunde (Tunde) Isola BEWAJI