Caribbean Journal of Philosophy, Vol 11, No 1 (2019)

The Myal Principle: Erna Brodber’s Afro Caribbean Literary/Philosophical Discourse

Marie Sairsingh


This paper focuses on Brodber’s 1988 novel, Myal, and examines the ways in which the author’s literary work participates in the discourse of Afro-Caribbean philosophy by advancing an alternative worldview outside the logic of strictly Westernist theoretical models that are sometimes privileged in the still-emerging field of academic Afro-Caribbean philosophy. As its title suggests, the novel invokes the Afro-Caribbean syncretic religion, Myal, and, I argue, presents the re-articulation of an African/Afro-Caribbean cosmogony and worldview, with spirituality as its epicenter, which while the subject of spirituality has received some attention within Afro-Caribbean philosophical thought, it has seemingly occupied a subordinate discursive space.

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