Caribbean Journal of Philosophy, Vol 11, No 1 (2019)

The Logic of Einstein's Equation in Boolean Algebra and the Compatibility Theory

Ephraim Stephen Essien


This study assessed whether Einstein’s equation, E=mc², could retain its meaning when the logical equivalence sign, , replaced the equality sign,=, based on Boolean algebraic system. In other words, we analyzed whether E mc² could mean the same thing as E=mc².The study thus addressed the possible logical content of Einstein’s equation and juxtaposed the logic, E mc², with the maths and/or physics, E=mc², declaring them compatible. Here, we questioned whether E mc² means the same thing as E=mc². The result was, that logical equivalence based on Boolean equality suggests that energy is logically equivalent to mass x the speed of light squared, E mc². Thus, being equivalent, we declared the compatibility of E Mc² with E=Mc².

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