Caribbean Journal of Philosophy, Vol 7, No 1 (2015)

Yoruba Values and the Environment

John Ayotunde (Tunde) Isola BEWAJI


Our interest in this discussion is to appreciate the linkage between what may be discerned as the overarching Yoruba value systems in the natural relationship which members of Yoruba society display in relating to the environment – environment here being natural, social, political, moral, cultural, etc. We will use Yoruba ontology (metaphysics), epistemology and axiology to evince a Yoruba ecosophy; in the process we will show that, by contrast with the Judeo-Christian tradition of environmental domination as the destiny of humanity, the Yoruba value system in more eco-respecting, eco-friendly and geared toward sustainable human habitation in a world in which he/she constitute one small fraction of sentience. Our discussion will be developed as responses to the following questions: a) What are values? b) How are values derived? c) Are there Yoruba values? d) What is the environment? e) How are concepts of Environment derived? f) What is the relationship between values and the environment? g) What is the relationship between Yoruba values and the environment? h) Inferences for One Health Approach to the Environment and Sustainable Human Global Co-existence

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