Conference Notice: 25th International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS) Annual Conference, 2019

African Philosophy and Development

Venue: Mississippi State University, Starkiville, Mississippi, USA

Date: July 9 and 10, 2019

Theme: African Philosophy and Development

Conference Organizers: Dr. Anthony Sean Neal, Prof. Edwin Etieyibo, Dr. John Bickle, Dr. Andrea Spain, Dr. Donald Shaffer.

ISAPS executive: Prof. Joseph Agbakoba (President); Prof. Edwin Etieyibo (Secretary/Treasurer)

The theme of the conference:

African Philosophy and Development

This draws attention to the importance and need for African philosophy to engage with development more broadly and specifically
about the challenge of creating and increasing sustainable development in rural spaces. The objective is to demonstrate the benefit of philosophical analysis, particularly the type of philosophical analysis that is developed in an African context, with respect to the issue of rural development. The conference seeks
to provide a space for academics, scholars, researchers, policymakers, investors, students and the public to share and discuss their research regarding the value, potential, and necessity of promoting sustainable development in rural spaces.

We invite contributions on topics that address the broad themes of African philosophy and
development, African philosophy speaking to development concerning the challenge of creating and increasing sustainable development in rural spaces as well as the following subthemes:

• What role philosophy might or should play in the development dynamic
• Theories and critiques of development
• Metaphysical analysis of development with applicability in rural spaces
• The ethics of sustainable development in rural spaces
• The effect of culture on development epistemologies
• Axiological approaches to development
• Development and post-colonial societies
• Development and Africa
• The philosophy, sociology and politics of development

Interested delegates/participants should send their abstracts to

Abstract format: Times New Roman 12 point. Maximum 500 words

Deadline for abstract submission: January 25, 2019.

Early submissions are encouraged, especially for those that will need letter of confirmation to apply to their universities or other institutions for funding.

Publication: Arrangements will be made to publish some of the conference proceedings.

Registration fee: Delegates/participants whose papers are accepted for presentation will be required to pay a registration fee (conference fee & ISAPS membership fee) of $150