Transition: Professor Moses Akin Makinde dies at 80

Ode to my Oga, Professor Moses Akin Makinde

Ojogbon Agba, Oluko awon Oluko, Tisha ti n pe Tisha ran nise, Kofeso Agba Moses Akin Makinde:

Professor Moses Akinola Makinde was one of a kind. A Popperian to the core, and a stickler for excellence and detail; one who successfully wrestled with his analytic training and its positivistic atavistic decadence, to finally embrace his African (Yoruba) indigenous philosophical roots, the roots of our culture, the roots our common humanity.

My memories of him, my Oga atata funrare, remain fresh and vivid, even today, as in the 70s and 80s, as l was considered brave to have accepted him as my MA Philosophy Dissertation Supervisor, probably the first such under him, on "Scepticism as a Methodological Principle". I went on, with his inimitable guidance style, to defend before another doyen of African Philosophy, Kwasi Wiredu, same day as another Abami Eda Kekere, Mose Oke also defended his MA Dissertation, to the pride of the one and only, the Great, John Olubi Sodipo, our collective mentor.

Ojogbon Agba, Moses Akin Makinde, a kii waye eni a ma ru tuu. Eefin ni'wa. Tough on the outside, but very compassionate, very kind and a wonderful person to know.

My Big Sister, Madam, and the entire clan, including the generations of his philosophical scions all over the world, may Almighty God give you all the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss of Oga Ojogbon Agba, Oluko awon Oluko, Professor of Professors, Moses Akin Makinde.

Ah, once upon a time, we had two special Moses(es) in Philosophy at Great Ife, and both of them were stars. They shown very brightly. And they continue to shine even in ancestorland.

Shebi, b'Onirese o ti e fin igba mo, eyi ti o ti fin sile, ko le parun. Pagidari, igi da, Erin wo, Ajanaku sun bi oke, Erin wo, ko le dide. O di arinako, o di oju ala. Suunre o, Ogaa Tisha, ti n pe Tisha ran ni'se. Ojogbon Agba Moses Akin Makinde.

May your kind and humble soul find eternal repose.

Ire ni o.