Conference Notice: Eighth Geo-Aesthetics Conference on Theme: The Sensuousness of the Festive

Call for Abstracts

Eighth Geo-Aesthetics Conference

September 25-26, 2015

Towson University, Maryland, USA

Theme: The Sensuousness of the Festive

A festival is an expression of communal experience whereby individuals freely divest themselves of individuality and reconnect with a rare sense of what they are. This experience facilitates releasement. Although preceded by initial resistance, it gradually succeeds in awakening in each individual what he or she has in common with other individuals. This commonality lies dormant in every individual and is triggered by communal experience. It seduces the individual out of himself or herself. Moreover, in this experience, the individual is more than an onlooker, more than a bystander. He or she becomes an active contributor to this experience. He or she vitalizes it and, simultaneously, is vitalized by this experience. It has a contagious effect on individuals in the festival, where consciousness takes on a sensuous form not in isolation from other sensuous but in concert with them. It is a festival of corporeality. Every body finds itself open to every other body as a way of being itself. Here, bodies find themselves dis-alienated from each other and discover themselves in each other. What emerges is what phenomenologist usually refer to as a lived-body, a body that is a communally live-body. It is also a lived-body that is at home in non-human bodies. Human bodies blend into non-human bodies and vice versa. The conference seeks to affirm and celebrate this blending, this festival of the lived-bodies.

Presentations are invited from any academic discipline and from those who are not associated with the academy. Submissions from artists, poets, writers, and applied aestheticians are welcome.

Send abstracts of no less than 200 words to convener, Professor John Murungi at

The deadline for submission is June 25, 2015