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Os desafios enfrentados pelas religiões de matriz africana no contexto global – Como superar o néo-colonialismo e a intolerância religiosa na África e na Diáspora More...


The conference pursues the theme of African and African Diaspora philosophy, identity and culture from various disciplines and contemporary perspectives. All themes relate to the way African and African Diaspora philosophy, identity and culture play a role in solving (or worsening) the social, political and economic challenges highlighted above. The conference also explores the relationship between African philosophy and culture in terms of how they conflict, collaborate, or otherwise configure each other as people are subjected to different life systems in global Africa. This conference has a broad temporal, geographic, and topical expanse. Papers are invited from multiple disciplines that speak to such issues, including Philosophy, Critical Race Theory, Media and Communication, English, History, Law, Peace Building, Political Science, Religious Studies, and more. More...


Global Indigenous Religions of Africa and Global Challenges – Overcoming Neo-Colonialism and Intolerance against Indigenous Religions of Africa and their Diaspora Derivatives More...

Conference Notice: The Making, Unmaking and Remaking of Africa’s Independence and Post-Independence Constitutions

There is an urgent need to critically dilate on the processes of constitution-making, in its full generality, as a distinctive object of positive analysis. Papers exploring the constitutional developments in Africa should be based on country case studies or a comparative study of the constitution of two or more countries. Papers should examine how the underlining principles of constitution-making address both (i) how the process was conducted in terms of its being participatory and consultative (see Menski, 2019) and (ii) the content of the constitution that was produced and (iii) the reaction of the public to it. Papers should reflect key aspects of the historical contexts in which the particular process took place, and also the broader international norms, standards, and precedents that informed these processes. More...

Conference Notice: Conference on Caliban's Reason: 20 Years Strong

Conference Theme:

“Caliban, Knowledge Societies, Caribbean and Global African Development”

Broadly conceived, this Conference will celebrate the milestone of Caliban’s Reason as an awakening of the Philosophical genius of the Caribbean peoples and subalterns globally, both in the struggles, the breakthroughs and the visionary pathways that this region has been able to engineer for peoples of the region and global marginalized, dispossessed and disempowered. In this regard, the development of African Philosophies, African Diaspora Philosophies and other non-European Philosophies will be celebrated in their liberating efforts, as antecedents, antithesis and dissolution mechanisms to Greco-European pretensions to singularity of humanity. Discourses and interrogations around such aspects of the intellectual histories, developments of civilizations, sciences, technologies, religions of humans in ancient Americas, Africa and the Caribbean post-plantation, post-emancipation, post-colonial and within the contexts of globalized hegemonies and resistances are welcome

Scholarship and Awards: Vice Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research Accomplishments

Professor John Ayotunde (Tunde) Isola Bewaji was recipient of UWI Vice Chancellor's Award - Research Accomplishments - for 2017-2018. More...

Conference Notice: 25th International Society for African Philosophy and Studies (ISAPS) Annual Conference, 2019

African Philosophy and Development

Venue: Mississippi State University, Starkiville, Mississippi, USA

Date: July 9 and 10, 2019

Theme: African Philosophy and Development

Conference Organizers: Dr. Anthony Sean Neal, Prof. Edwin Etieyibo, Dr. John Bickle, Dr. Andrea Spain, Dr. Donald Shaffer.

ISAPS executive: Prof. Joseph Agbakoba (President); Prof. Edwin Etieyibo (Secretary/Treasurer)

Scholarship and Awards: 2016 Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award

2016 Outstanding Research and Scholarship Award (Late Notice, but worth Noting) More...

Transition: Professor Moses Akin Makinde dies at 80

Professor Moses Akin Makinde, FNAL
Retired Professor of Philosophy
Department of Philosophy
Obafemi Awolowo University (Formerly University of Ife)
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

He transitioned to ancestorhood on September 30, 2018.

Transition: Prof Sophie Oluwole dies at 83.

Foremost African philosopher Professor Sophie Oluwole has died at the age of 83, More...

Conference Notice: Conversations XIV: Medicine, Technology, Ethics 2019

Technological developments in medicine have rapidly moved beyond life-saving into various forms of human enhancement. While these may be seen as expanding our opportunities to live a good life and to achieve our ends, they also raise doubts about autonomy, fairness, and the nature of the post-human. More...

Conference Notice: Building Africa’s Future on African Philosophy 2019

The Third Biennial African Philosophy World Conference


Building Africa’s Future on African Philosophy


October 28-30, 2019

University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies, College of Humanities

Conference Notice: UWICHiPS 2017

Conversations XII: Interrogating Caribbean
Philosophical and Intellectual Traditions


Conference Notice: ISAPS 2017

ISAPS Conference 2017 - Got to Website

Transition: Three colleagues Three friends Three tragedies Of philosophical proportions Adieus!!!

Transition to ancestorhood of three friends, colleagues and co-travelers in Philosophy, friendship and interlocution More...

Transition: Professor Olusegun 'Teju Oladipo

The Philosophy and Humanities communities in Nigeria, Africa and indeed the world, immediate and extended families, friends, colleagues and students, mourn the transition of Professor Olusegun 'Teju Oladipo to sudden ancestor-hood. More...
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